First Impressions . . .

are important in business and in personal relationships. I’m well aware as I am sure you are the dichotomy of the following quotes:

  • You never get a second chance to make a first impression
  • Never judge a book by its cover

Such sayings will lead one to confusion but a little bit of logic goes a long way. While I do agree with the latter, the former sets the stage and it is part of a balance that will be achieved with an open mind. But I’m not here to elaborate on the psychological aspects, I’m here to place you in the right direction so you can make that great first impression without taking on a third or fourth job.

I would like to believe we all have a desire to dress well.  Look good, feel good!  We are inundated with advertisements daily whether it’s social media, television, magazines, etc.  Unfortunately for some of us, the clothes we see and like are above our pay-grade which can be a deterrent.  Fortunately there are good, if not great economical, stylish alternatives.  Poor, Broke & Handsome will place you in the right direction to find these as well as higher end clothing far below their price point.