Shall I Compare Thee . . .

To a summer’s day? –William Shakespeare

As Spring morphs into Summer, one who strives to create their own style, be fashionable and depending what “events” you attend, you may risk being over dressed. Then again, who is the goofball who came up with the phrase over-dressed?! 

All kidding aside, some kind of pumping of the brakes must be applied when attending for example, a cookout. I wouldn’t recommend suede wingtip shoes but I will recommend something a little bit different. The wingtip sneaker/trainer.  Years ago when I decided to dress more age compliant, I was looking for some kind of casual sneaker. I balked at the boring styles. I glared at them in disgust. I was never a big fan of white sneakers aka trainers. Something smells of older gentleman attempting to capture his sonic youth. My first pair of wingtip sneakers were Original Penguins which I scored for roughly $29 at BCF. They were something I’ve never seen before. Throw in the fact I love wingtip shoes (also known as brogues), these were any easy decision. I have received plenty of compliments. I have always had the desire to push the envelope as far as what I wear and these were an excellent choice. The pair you can observe to the right are by Johnston And Murphy.  I talk them up on occasion because they make a great shoe for the price. I scored these on Ebay for . . . wait for it . . . $29.  I got lucky because I have a strategy I implement.  It’s a Korean family secret so please don’t ask.  As for the standard, boring, mundane, yawn-fest known as white trainers (which every maker of shoes walking Buddha’s green Earth has their own version), you younger cats can get away and look perfect wearing them when you pair them just right. In my personal opinion, if you’re over 30, opt for something better than the standard trainer. If you’re not feeling the wingtip sneakers, there are also cap toe sneakers which the name speaks for its self. Crevo makes a great looking pair of cap toe sneakers in 3 different styles.  And of course, you’re not going to pay full price.  If you look on Ebay, you’ll find them $20-40 cheaper than other sites.  How to pair these wingtip or cap toe sneakers is simple.  If you were planning on wearing white trainers, you swap them out.  Remember they are sneakers/trainers.  By having a pair or two, these can add a little bit of flair and versatility to your casual summer wear.  And honestly, who wants to be boring at a cookout.  That’s what beer’s for.  Until next time, jal ga!

*Music vibe: Pink Ocean-offonoff 



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