You Can Tell A Lot About . . .

A person from his underwear. –Rachel Bilson

I don’t know if underwear is a taboo subject for those among us who are prudes. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less. Most of us wear them. All styles colloquially speaking from banana hammocks to butt floss. For the ones who go commando, I would find it inexcusable to hit a Taco Tuesday without some kind of . . . ahem . . . filter. But that’s an entirely different subject I have zero interest touching upon.

First and foremost, fit, fabric and function not only applies to what you wear for all to see. It also applies to what no one will see. Unless of course if it’s for someone special or it’s an underwear advertisement. Secondly let’s face it, most guys have no clue about underwear. Some of you are still wearing those gawd awful Fruit Of The Looms you wore after mommy made you ditch the Pampers. Some of you are wearing boxers which run up your leg and bunch up as if you have your board-shorts on underneath. And some of you, you hold on to them as if they were going to be some valuable heirloom complete with holes and . . . never mind. According to a poll conducted by GQ in late 2016, women overwhelmingly (was it really overwhelming?) chose the boxer brief at a 64.5% clip. Yeah, no tighty whities or banana hammocks braddah!

Underwear model
AIRism boxer brief

While there are plenty of companies who produce boxer briefs, I place my PB&H chop of approval on the AIRism Collection by Uniqlo . To put it in the most simplest way possible how good these are, I bought four pairs, then an additional 6. I ditched my old ones which were fairly new. The AIRism line has a standard boxer brief and what I call the magnum opus (pun intended), a mesh boxer brief. Both are made with the up-to-date technology the Japanese maker likes to use in their clothing line. There are other well known brands but you cannot beat the quality or the price for these boxer briefs ($9.90/2 for $7.90 each).

If it is possible to go commando without going commando, these boxer briefs make it happen. In my opinion, these are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn. How shameful. It took almost 50 years for me to find a pair of underwear that I fancy but I digress. The only issue I have with them and this is barely noticeable compared to what I used to wear, is the brief riding up my legs. Underwear that bunches up has the tendency to print around the upper quad. These don’t print and I’m not the proud owner of flamingo legs.

Because of the Dry technology, Cool Touch, self-deodorization, anti-microbial, and anti-odor features these boxer briefs provide, you won’t have to slam pounds of baby powder between your legs in anticipation of the dreaded swamp ass while sipping a bottle of wine with some 아름다운 소녀 at the vineyard this summer.

So do yourself a favor, invest in a pair and make your own decision. For a small investment, you have much to gain. And that’s what most people will enjoy, a huge return on a small investment. Plus, if you’re wearing tighty whities, she will most certainly be able to tell a lot about you! Until next time, jal ga!

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The Body Is Meant To Be Seen . . .

Not all covered up. –Marilyn Monroe

I don’t want to be that guy. Then again, I couldn’t care less if I’m labeled that guy. Because that guy wants to help you become your best dressed you. While I am the first one to say traditionalists are not pliable in thought because they are stuck in those style institutions, I’ll also be the first one to say when they got it right. Tank tops are an expression for many. So sexy on women (aigoooooo!) but when it comes to men, there is a lot left to be desired. There are those who are aware of their self-imposed boundaries and will not wear one. There are those who appear to have plumbing snakes flopping from their shoulders. There are those who appear to have an issue walking through a door, sideways. This list goes on. I’ll be honest, I love tank tops but only for the beach or training purposes. And maybe a cookout (when a swimming pool is involved) with people I know very well

Full disclosure. I had a very, very, very, very difficult time covering this subject of tank tops. Pun intended. For me telling the collective NO to tank tops would be hypocritical. I am still gym guy although I do not train at gym. I am wise enough to know, I will match or beat any lift I did 20 years ago and attempt to up the ante. The problem is the DOMS that I will be inflicted upon me will take a decade to wear off. And throw in the fact I’m almost 28, 38, 48 years young. Aish! Isn’t 50 the new 30? Allegedly? But I digress. I train in tank tops. There is that rare occasion, I’ll hit the supermarket with one on. It’s rare so don’t judge me. Am I showing off? Maybe. Did I just didn’t care because I was going in then out quickly? Maybe. Do I look like a goofball? Maybe. Well, actually I look pretty good and of top of all of that, I’m not a bad lookin’ guy.

I am aware it gets hot in the summer whether you believe it has to do with climate change, hot pepper paste, cows passing gas or whatever, you really shouldn’t put on the tank top. For the younger generation, I feel it’s important to forgo the tank top if you can.  I know it’s tough. I, myself had a difficult time many years ago.  They’re comfortable.  You have ink you want to show off.  You have gains you want to show off, etc. I understand like no one else. But I stated over a year ago, first impressions are important. In creating your own style, there are certain things you can keep and there are certain things you must ditch. As always, there are options and these options should be readily available in your wardrobe. Henley’s, fitted t-shirts and depending on the material (preferably linen or a linen/cotton blend), button down oxfords. Pair these with chinos, khakis, jeans, and tailored shorts. Footwear must compliment what you are wearing.  I feel this goes without saying but I just typed nonetheless.  Please for the sake of everyone & the sake for making a great first impression, ditch the tank top unless you hit the beach or the gym. Or the supermarket just because you’re going to quickly go in & quickly exit.  Until next, jal ga!

*Supplemental picture: Henley by Alfani, jeans by Banana Republic, shoes by Banana Republic, watch by Orient

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Traditionalists often study what is taught . . .

Not what there is to create. –Ed Parker

When a traditionalist attempts to school up and comers the tenets of true art, more often than not the traditionalists show they are not pliable in thought.  While it is important to understand the foundation, it is just as important to build, evolve and manifest a better way.

I love waistcoats (vest). The waistcoat’s history is an interesting one that began in the Restoration Era. The were declared by King Charles II as proper court attire and dare I say, the rest is history? The versatility they can bring has to be seen for one’s self.  So when I see some of these traditionalists go high makamaka and say never wear a pocket square with a waistcoat, I know some may be coming from a good place of stringent standards.  The others may need to hit the local pharmacy for Ex-Lax. Preferably the 48 count box. Some individuals will never deter from the standards. That doesn’t mean you have to velcro yourself to the same standards.  I don’t believe I have to reiterate my sentiments on creating your own style, yes?  A waistcoat can truly make you stand out.  If that’s what you desire.  Depending where you reside in the world, a waistcoat can take the the place of a blazer or be worn under a blazer.  Also keep in mind the varieties of styles there are for you to add to your possible confusion.  From the different materials (tweed, wool, silk, etc), the different patterns, with or without a pocket and double breasted, you could end up with something resembling a modest watch collection of sorts. I own 8 plus I ordered two more that are the double breasted kind.  As always, fit is important.  Different makers will fit differently so focus on makers who fit your body just right! And while I have never had a waistcoat tailored, I venture to say it can be done. In addition, if one is a bit startled on how to wear them whether it be casual or formal, I hope you have a Pintrest. It can keep the headaches to a minimum. If you were to ask my personal opinion on wearing waistcoats with a pocket square, in my very biased opinion I would hit you with an oh hell yeah! Until next time, jal ga! 

*Featured picture: Waistcoat by Perry Ellis, shirt by J. Crew, bow tie by unknown, pocket square by Windom Finery, watch by Timex, sunglasses by Miu Miu

*Supplemental picture, left: Blazer by Croft & Barrow, waistcoat by Allen Edmonds, tie by The Museum of Fine Arts, pocket square by Santostephano,watch by Seiko

*Supplemental picture, right: Waistcoat by Merona, shirt by Haggar, tie by Legal Limit, pocket square by The SquarExtraordinaire, jeans by Uniqlo, socks by Perry Ellis, shoes my Stacy Adams, watch by Timex

*Music vibe: Gold-OFFONOFF 


Shall I Compare Thee . . .

To a summer’s day? –William Shakespeare

As Spring morphs into Summer, one who strives to create their own style, be fashionable and depending what “events” you attend, you may risk being over dressed. Then again, who is the goofball who came up with the phrase over-dressed?! 

All kidding aside, some kind of pumping of the brakes must be applied when attending for example, a cookout. I wouldn’t recommend suede wingtip shoes but I will recommend something a little bit different. The wingtip sneaker/trainer.  Years ago when I decided to dress more age compliant, I was looking for some kind of casual sneaker. I balked at the boring styles. I glared at them in disgust. I was never a big fan of white sneakers aka trainers. Something smells of older gentleman attempting to capture his sonic youth. My first pair of wingtip sneakers were Original Penguins which I scored for roughly $29 at BCF. They were something I’ve never seen before. Throw in the fact I love wingtip shoes (also known as brogues), these were any easy decision. I have received plenty of compliments. I have always had the desire to push the envelope as far as what I wear and these were an excellent choice. The pair you can observe to the right are by Johnston And Murphy.  I talk them up on occasion because they make a great shoe for the price. I scored these on Ebay for . . . wait for it . . . $29.  I got lucky because I have a strategy I implement.  It’s a Korean family secret so please don’t ask.  As for the standard, boring, mundane, yawn-fest known as white trainers (which every maker of shoes walking Buddha’s green Earth has their own version), you younger cats can get away and look perfect wearing them when you pair them just right. In my personal opinion, if you’re over 30, opt for something better than the standard trainer. If you’re not feeling the wingtip sneakers, there are also cap toe sneakers which the name speaks for its self. Crevo makes a great looking pair of cap toe sneakers in 3 different styles.  And of course, you’re not going to pay full price.  If you look on Ebay, you’ll find them $20-40 cheaper than other sites.  How to pair these wingtip or cap toe sneakers is simple.  If you were planning on wearing white trainers, you swap them out.  Remember they are sneakers/trainers.  By having a pair or two, these can add a little bit of flair and versatility to your casual summer wear.  And honestly, who wants to be boring at a cookout.  That’s what beer’s for.  Until next time, jal ga!

*Music vibe: Pink Ocean-offonoff 



Train Right To Maintain Proper Fit . . .

If your tailor does their part, be sure to do yours- Frank

Yes, that would be my quote.  One of the most important subjects to be discussed when it comes to creating your own style is fit.  Fit is a big deal as emphasized by me as well as those one million times more popular than me and my lonely old blog. If you are wise, looking to hone your “craft” and have a great tailor who doesn’t charge you half a month’s rent to have your clothes fit perfect, you understand it is necessary to be as physically fit as possible within reason.  And do emphasize within reason. Not everyone is lucky enough to hit the gene pool jackpot and dazzle the world with their declarations of being a physical phenomenon. Some of us are chunky, some of us are skinny, some of us can’t describe our respective physique but you can work with what you have. Exercising and eating the right kinds of food will help. There are tons of reputable resources on-line to assist you with your goals. For those who think I am saying one has to be yoked in order to look good in your clothes, you are absolutely missing the point. You have all the tools at your disposal, a little bit of effort and encouragement from friends will help you achieve your best you. Think of your clothing and your body as a relationship. You’re there to compliment each other and enhance each other’s happiness.

I have a pair of Brooks Brothers chinos that are bright green.  I love them but I know last summer they got a tad tight around the waist.  Well, maybe a bit more than a tad but that wasn’t my tailor’s fault.  It was mine. They fit perfect before but I slacked for whatever reason. I know you feel me. You don’t want to be in a situation when you throw on your favorite dress shirt or chinos or suit for that matter and the fit isn’t right because you may have slacked on your eating habits and training regimen.  On that note, eat your favorite foods, drink your favorite adult beverages in moderation and exercise regularly.  Your clothes will thank you!  Until next time, jal ga!


*Supplemental picture, left: Dress shirt by Nautica, pants by Nautica

*Supplemental picture, right: Blazer by Stafford Collection, dress shirt by Geoffrey Beene, pocket square by Feather And Smith, watch by Invicta

*Music vibe: Swimming-Summer Soul 

Rules Are Mostly Made To Be Broken And . . .

are too often for the lazy to hide behind. –Douglas MacArthur

I usually don’t rant as much as I did in my younger days. When I reminiscence, because this is what older people do, I will pat myself on the back and state they were epic! Now is my lack of ranting attributed to me becoming wiser? More tolerant? Or the fact I am all set with doing such a thing? Whatever the case may be, I feel a slight compulsion to go on a, ahem, dare I say? Rant. I am a member of a couple of Facebook forum boards that deal with men’s style and fashion. Relevant questions will be posed time to time about wearing something in particular in conjunction with something else that is not the standard.

These questions always pique my interest because there is the fine line of following the rules of style and the desire to deviate from the rules of style. I can’t help but notice people who are so tight with rules, you couldn’t stick a pin up their ass with a jackhammer. It would be nice if the tone was helpful but more often than not, it is done dismissively. “You can’t do this, you can’t do that. The rules for style say this, the rules for style say that.” Hey, why not take all of those little style rules, shine them up, turn them summabitches sideways and you should know the rest!

Now that I have your attention, rules are meant to be broken! And how one breaks it is up to the individual. I have, time and time again, stated the importance of creating your own style. First, one must have a foundation and from that foundation expand your horizons. Secondly, there will be times you feel something isn’t flowing right. It’s OK. It will always be OK because as people we should be always striving to be the best version we can be day after day. This includes the amenities. Last, it’s your show. You are the one who has to be comfortable with it. No one else. The quote above is something to ponder when making your decision to honestly expressing yourself.  Until next time, jal ga! 


*Supplemental picture: Fisherman cardigan sweater by Eddie Bauer, shirt by Brooks Brothers, tie by Seigo Katsuragawa, watch by Movado 

*Music vibe: Clouds On You-Dis Perado

Know First Who You Are . . .

and then adorn yourself accordingly. –Epictetus

I could have gone all Happy New Year 2018 but that isn’t my style. I have a foundation I have built upon for decades and I have a preference to deviate from societal norms. Hell, my parents did not adhere to societal norms so why should I?  My duty is to keep up the tradition!  But I digress.

Come this March 2018, it will be one year for this blog.  I am hopeful as a reader you have grasped what I have presented and have grown stylistically.  If you frequent here, I truly appreciate it.  If you have been able to apply some of the things I have presented here and you expand from it, you are obviously are heading in the right direction!   I established this blog because I have something to offer.  A different perspective and a desire to see one succeed at creating their own image.  We are bombarded with standards.  The standard may work for some but it may not work for all.  As I have elaborated in the past, have a foundation and expand your horizons.  In my opinion, it is important to incorporate elements of your personality, your culture and who you are into your style.  This is how we evolve.  We have to guinea pig ourselves.  It is important to ask questions but not so much one cannot make a decision without input from our peers. We experiment until we find a formula that works.  When the formula becomes stagnant, we search for ways to get back up to spec.  It’s very simple to say but a whole different ballgame to put it into action.  But if you want something bad enough, you will do what it takes (within reason, I hope) to achieve.  Anyhow, enough of my rambling.  Let me touch on something every wardrobe should have, the double breasted blazer.

The double breasted blazer has nautical and sporting origins.   Better known as the reefer jacket, it was adopted into fashion.  It has had its periods of popularity.  In recent years it has made a comeback.  The jacket is characterized by the overlapping front just like the pea coat.  On the inside of the jacket there is what is known as a jigger.  It assists in keeping the jacket tight.  One fastens this first, then the respective middle button.  There are rules for buttoning too when it comes to the double breasted blazer.  Always button the middle button only juxtaposed to the single breasted, one will always keep the top button fastened.  Leave the jacket buttoned when sitting down.  The extra material flopping around to say the least, will appear unflattering whereas with the single breasted, one unbuttons the jacket.   The versatility of the double breasted blazer is one to enjoy.  They can be worn in formal as well as casual settings.  Spend a few hours on Pintrest and prepared to go michin with all the possibilities this piece of clothing brings!  Just like the single breasted blazer and sport coat, they are made with different materials as well as different colors.  The blazer above left is a linen-cotton blend made by Stafford.  I have spoke highly of JC Penneys in past writings and will continue to do so.  This jacket was of the classic fit but as usual, my tailor made them perfect.  The double-breasted navy blazer will have gold/brass buttons just as most single-breasted do.  But if this is too much, you can always find them with regular buttons.  You can have your tailor replace them or if you’re feeling a little daring with your buttons, go with something avant-garde!  As with everything you purchase, fit reigns supreme.  You should have a good idea what brands suit your body best.  In addition, you should know when something needs tailoring.  Every so often, one can metaphorically hit the Powerball and what is purchased off the rack or second hand fits perfectly.  If you were pondering life with a double breasted jacket, whether it would be a suit or blazer, I strongly recommend you consider it!  Until next time, jal ga!


*Feature picture: Shoes by 14th & Union, tie by Ling Dai Jing Pin, pocket square by Santostefano

*Supplemental picture, left: Blazer by Stafford Collection, shirt by Alfani, tie by Oakton, pocket square by Ralph Lauren, sunglasses by Tommy Hilfiger, watch by Movado

*Supplemental picture, right: Blazer by Christian Dior, shirt by Robert Talbott, tie by Christian Dior, pocket square by Santostefano, watch by Timex

*Music vibe: Bubble Gum-Seora feat. Punchnello


I Love Dressing Up . . .

Around the holidays!  My friends also really like to get dressed up.  It’s an excuse to get fancy. –Beth Riesgraf

I speculate about half the people look at the holiday season with great disdain.  You have the nonsense of Black Friday and any other hopped up Christmas sale event.  You have the obligation of buying gifts for relatives they may see once a year as well as receiving gifts they wouldn’t give to their worst enemy.  You have the displeasure of sitting at the dinner table with relatives with differing political, racial, religious, academic or whatever views.  But at least when you go 636007535808318874_1917013326_fireover to that relative’s home for dinner, you can dress in sweatpants and an ugly Christmas sweater.  Wrong!   Burn that ffffffin thing!  I don’t know when it happened and quiet honestly couldn’t care less why it happened.  People stopped caring about their appearance during the holidays.  We’ve heard the “I want to be comfortable after gorging myself with enough food to feed a third world country” excuse.  Babo sekkiya . . . 

If you are part of the other half of people who enjoy the holidays, you most likely have a game plan in how to deal with the distractions of the holiday season.  You are ready for the relatives you see once in a blue moon and their pendulum-like views on any and everything (Maybe a shot of sambuca or soju will make it easier).  But most importantly, you will dress your holiday best and will be comfortable as you decide whether it’s bulking season or not.  As an individual who has been creating their own style, you are well aware one needs to constantly be on top of their game.  The holiday season is perfect time to experiment.  There is a desire to be comfortable, functional as well as the best dressed person in the room.  And if your relatives criticize the way you dress, are they really your relatives?

One should always go seasonal when picking out the color scheme you choose to wear.  Burgundys, greys, browns, greens are the basic foundation with all of the variations of the aforementioned.  For example, the picture above combines camel overcoat, grey wool trousers, purple and blue paisley tie, navy blue waistcoat, contrast collar blue/grey striped shirt, light blue pocket square and cedar/plaid brogues make for an appealing Thanksgiving outfit.  In the picture to the left, olive green blazer, hunter green gingham shirt, burgundy polka dot knit tie, poinsettia lapel pin, and a double sided pocket square to pull the Christmas outfit together.  As the picture dictates, do be afraid of adding a splash of color to bring your ensemble together.  Creating your own style involves “walking like you own it!”  Confidence in what you wear and how you wear it is paramount.  Your efforts to stay the course as well as stay away from appearing most substandardly should never wane.  As with all things in life, we should always look to learn more and improve our overall being as well as those around us.  No matter who you are or what you believe in, enjoy the holiday season and strive to be better next year.  Until next time, 메리 크리스마스!

*Featured picture: Overcoat by London Fog, scarf by Perry Ellis, waistcoat by Perry Ellis, shirt by Brooks Brothers, tie by Daniel De Fasson, shoes by Barker

*Supplemental picture: Blazer by Merona, shirt by Nautica, tie by Manzini, pocket square by Feather And Smith 

A Turtleneck . . .

Is about sophistication. –Dwayne Wade

I wouldn’t go so far to say sophistication but one can look to bring some panache to the evolving creation of your own style. While it is frowned upon by those who may be afraid to drink something outside a Budweiser (or maybe they just don’t understand turtles), it is in my humble opinion, a garment worth adding to your wardrobe.

Turtlencks or roll-necks as they are called in the UK, have a history that allegedly goes back as far the 15th century. If it piques your curiosity of what class of people wore it or how they were worn, I invite to reader to quench their thirst through research. As far as this writer is concerned, I am simply pointing one in the direction of a piece of clothing that can and will make a difference in your look. The turtleneck offers many different styles and one will be tasked with making a decision. A common theme I have instilled into this blog is for one to do their research. While a chunky turtleneck may look like a home run to you, put it on and find out if it truly suits you, accentuates your appearance and of course doesn’t break your bank account into pieces.

Seigo KatsuragawaMy personal preference when I do wear a turtleneck is with a blazer instead of an OCBD or dress shirt.  Mianhae, no Seigo Katsuragawa limited edition ties today!  The turtleneck does bring an air of classy and is almost James Bond-like.  But you and I know, only Daniel Craig can play Bond and we’re just quiet observers in the world of espionage he brings to justice!  But I digress.  You can experiment to see what suits you best. If there is one piece advice (and I really don’t like to give advice) to remember is to guinea pig yourself.  What works for me, may or not work for you and so on.

Besides the obvious name brands that are high end, one will be able to secure one or more turtlenecks (depending if you become obsessed), for a very reasonable price point.  I bought both turtlenecks pictured for under $25.  Where you may wonder?  Ebay remember?  Where dreams come true unless you absolutely screw up and do not read thoroughly!  Until next time,  jal ga!


*Featured picture: Blazer by Austin Reed, turtleneck by Alfani, pocket square by Feather And Smith, watch by Stuhrling Original

*Supplemental picture: Blazer by Chaps, turtleneck by Express, pocket square by Feather and Smith, sunglasses by Miu Miu

*Music inspiration: Like The Sun By Crush

The Hell With Circumstances . . .

I create opportunities. –Bruce Lee

Friday. September 8th. 3 PM. After celebrating Labor Day weekend days earlier, I as well as many of my co-workers were informed the business we put our labor into was closing its doors. The decision put all of us in a very uncompromising position. I have read these stories over the years and felt empathy for those who were unwilling placed in the personnel surplus reduction program.  Now, 700 + of us were being transitioned out of our positions permanently. What made it worse? It’s right before the holidays. So thankful. Ho-Ho-Ho.

I feel it’s a fitting segue for how to dress for a job interview, agree?

After dedicating well over eight thousand days of my life to one place (yes, I am loyal), it was time to search for a new place of employment. I created my resume, had it looked over, created a LinkedIn account and signed up on Indeed as well as Glassdoor. I uploaded the resume and began searching.  Winter is coming . . . 

I was never concerned about how I was going to dress for potential interviews.  I was worried about the interview process.  This is uncharted waters for me and my confidence was somewhat in question.  I was afraid of the uncertain.  Fear is considered a weakness.  It isn’t.  As long as one is at peace with it, you can use it to your advantage.  But I digress.  As of this blogging, I have already engaged in one face-to-face interview (thanks to a good phone interview) with another 2 in waiting.  I have been out of the employment search loop because of my time invested in place, so I was unaware of the phone interview. Good phone interviews as well as the body of work your resume presents, will lead to on-site interviews and this is wear where the focus will be centered on.

If you have been following this blog, you are more than aware of the importance of dressing well with a economical twist.  The dichotomy I spoke of in the introduction of this blog, First Impressions needs to be reconciled by all of us individually.  No one knows your capabilities better than you but one cannot go to an interview dressing as if it’s the weekend BBQ.  Always bring your A game.  That A game means a suit.  A grey or navy blue suit is best with a standard white dress shirt, matching shoes, belt and watch band.  If you choose to wear a pocket square, go with the timeless and simple white one.  The tie you choose should be simple and effective.  Choose your colors wisely and keep the patterns to a minimum.  Your job is to sell your self and the book cover must be presentable!  In our society, appearances are rather important when it comes to securing a job.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  I will advise against being too showing with jewellry, and cologne.  A minimalist watch is most effective and a light  touch of cologne. 

I don’t feel it is necessary to expound on the obvious such as making sure you shine your shoes, shave or trim your facial hair, make sure your shirt is ironed or pressed, brush your teeth, train, say your prayers, take your vitamins . . . wait a minute!  I apologize for getting carried away!

Be confident in presenting your story to a potential employer.  There are plenty resources of on-line to crash course before your big interview.  At the end of the day, whatever the circumstance may be, see it as an opportunity.  Until next time, jal ga! 


*Featured picture: Shoes by Banana Republic, tie by Tasso Elba, belt by Croft & Barrow, watch by Timex, 

*Supplemental picture: Suit by Alfani Red, shirt by Alfani