Dress Your Age

Nothing Makes A Woman Look So Old . . .

as trying desperately hard to look young. –Coco Chanel

Although the quote is about women it is most certainly applicable to men. Rules for women are different from us and in some cases are much more flexible. I’m not an expert on the rules pertaining to women but I do have some idea on what pertains to men.

In my younger days (think early 20s), I used to see males who were obviously 15 to 20 years older than me that dressed just as I did!  I always said to myself, it looks cool you’re older and dress this way but something just ain’t right!  I think back to my leaving the 20s and hitting my 30s.  I ditched some clothing as well as accessories I felt in my opinion, I had no business wearing.  No one instructed me nor did I read it somewhere.  I just did it as I did when leaving my 30s entering my 40s.  For example, 7 days out from my 40th, I ditched my earrings.  In my opinion, no man should be wearing them after 40.  I know.  I know. Morgan Freeman wears one.  But I’m not Morgan Freeman and although I have a great voice for narration, I’ll never beat his voice.  I also decided tank tops were only for gym time or the beach.  Taking an inventory of their wardrobe and adding and subtracting accordingly is something men should be doing anyway.  There is always an overlap of clothes and accessories that can still be worn from ages 20 to 30 and 30 to 40.  But as you get older the overlap dissipates.  There are plenty of resources on the world wide web that describes in great detail during these age-compliant windows, what one should add to their wardrobe and what one should subtract.  The world won’t end in a nuclear fury if you’re in your 40s and put on a pair of jean shorts and a Da Hui tee shirt for a Walmart run.  Full disclosure: I’ve done this recently and I’m not ashamed!  I think.  But if it becomes a habit, an intervention by your friends who have a sense of style may be required.  Now, not going out in gear suitable for someone in their early 20s doesn’t mean you should throw on a blazer, tie, chinos & monk straps for some good old weekly food shopping.   A polo shirt , shorts and some foot apparel that are not flip-flops are most presentable, classy and you won’t look like you are searching for the fountain of youth where the range free eggs are located.  A balance should be of the utmost importance! Take a look at your closet and your drawers and then ask yourself, is it time for an age compliant make-over?  Only you have the answer.  Until next time, jal ga! 


*Featured picture: Waistcoat by Perry Ellis, shirt by Alfani, bow tie by The Tie Bar, pocket square by The SquarExtraordinaire, watch by Invicta, sunglasses by Miu Miu 

Supplemental picture, left: T shirt by Da Hui, jean shorts by Nautica

Supplemental picture, right: Polo shirt by Sonoma, shorts by Burnside, shoes by Muk Luks, watch by Timex