Train Right To Maintain Proper Fit . . .

If your tailor does their part, be sure to do yours- Frank

Yes, that would be my quote.  One of the most important subjects to be discussed when it comes to creating your own style is fit.  Fit is a big deal as emphasized by me as well as those one million times more popular than me and my lonely old blog. If you are wise, looking to hone your “craft” and have a great tailor who doesn’t charge you half a month’s rent to have your clothes fit perfect, you understand it is necessary to be as physically fit as possible within reason.  And do emphasize within reason. Not everyone is lucky enough to hit the gene pool jackpot and dazzle the world with their declarations of being a physical phenomenon. Some of us are chunky, some of us are skinny, some of us can’t describe our respective physique but you can work with what you have. Exercising and eating the right kinds of food will help. There are tons of reputable resources on-line to assist you with your goals. For those who think I am saying one has to be yoked in order to look good in your clothes, you are absolutely missing the point. You have all the tools at your disposal, a little bit of effort and encouragement from friends will help you achieve your best you. Think of your clothing and your body as a relationship. You’re there to compliment each other and enhance each other’s happiness.

I have a pair of Brooks Brothers chinos that are bright green.  I love them but I know last summer they got a tad tight around the waist.  Well, maybe a bit more than a tad but that wasn’t my tailor’s fault.  It was mine. They fit perfect before but I slacked for whatever reason. I know you feel me. You don’t want to be in a situation when you throw on your favorite dress shirt or chinos or suit for that matter and the fit isn’t right because you may have slacked on your eating habits and training regimen.  On that note, eat your favorite foods, drink your favorite adult beverages in moderation and exercise regularly.  Your clothes will thank you!  Until next time, jal ga!


*Supplemental picture, left: Dress shirt by Nautica, pants by Nautica

*Supplemental picture, right: Blazer by Stafford Collection, dress shirt by Geoffrey Beene, pocket square by Feather And Smith, watch by Invicta

*Music vibe: Swimming-Summer Soul 

Something About a Good Suit . . .

I don’t know, a good suit just, you know, you can take on, you can take on the world in a good suit, you know? –Conor McGregor

I put this blog together in an effort to help those looking to improve their overall appearance, clothing-wise without spending an arm, a leg or some other extremity.  One subject I stated in a earlier post I was going to touch upon is having a good tailor.  I have a great tailor!   Sylvia was referred to me by a friend.  You can buy top of the line clothing and if the fit is horrible, there isn’t anything in the universe that can save you except a tailor.

We have all seen the before and after pictures of a suit, a blazer or a sport coat that was transformed from well, nice try to aesthetically pleasing.  From experience, you feel the difference and what goes without saying, see the difference.  We are aware there are three kinds of fit when it comes to the aforementioned; classic, modern and slim fit.  The wonderful thing about having your tailor on speed dial or having the luxury of dropping by anytime, if you happen upon and purchase a suit, blazer or sport coat in the classic fit, your tailor will clean that mess up!

As far as the modern and slim fit go, unless your body has perfect specs for either style, you need to get them tailored!  In the following pictures, you will see a Nicole Miller slim-fit suit in black and an Alfani slim-fit suit in grey.  Nicole Miller suits are not on the website but one can find them almost everywhere on-line and at brick and mortars.  I have owned Nicole Miller clothing in the past and absolutely loved them.  For the price (I paid around $125 as suit separates at Burlington Coat Factory), you cannot go wrong.  The quality is excellent.  This isn’t a four figure suit and I am not going to wear it for maybe more than thrice a year, if that!   Alfani is a private brand of Macy’s.  Macy’s also has under its umbrella of brands: Tasso Elba, Bar III and Club Room.  I have had great luck with the fit when it comes to their Alfani performance and slim-fit dress shirts.  For the suit, also purchased as suit separates, they were on sale for a total around $210.  If I got these when they weren’t on sale, we are looking at a price tag around $650!  SCOREBOARD.  The quality is excellent!  If I had been lucky enough to find one in navy blue, well that would have been showcased here too.  I had both jackets taken in as well as had the sleeves shorten.  The Alfani pants were perfect, the Nicole Miller pants were not.

For suit pants, I wear a 33/34 inch waist and prefer a 30 inch inseam for a quarter break.  For my dress pants, I indulge a 29 inch inseam because I prefer no break.  Both styles of break, I am allowed to show off a little bit of sock as well as show off my style of shoe.  In addition, I wear flat front pants only.  Pleats are a matter of personal preference as well as body type.  If one is a bit bulky, pleats may be the way to go.  I am lucky my Korean genes afford me good great legs, hence why I wear flat front pants.

Now back to the tailor.  If you have no referrals from friends (well, are they really your friends?), do some research just as you would when searching for clothing bargains.  Ask around, talk to people, read reviews, make an assessment and pick your tailor.   Something that goes without saying but I will type it, communicate with your tailor!  Make it your pleasure to create a great relationship with him or with her.  Tell them what you are looking for.  Be receptive to input from your tailor.  This is a business partnership where both parties benefit.  When you become a regular, your tailor will take care of you and you should do the same.  If you are absolutely satisfied with their workmanship, not only tell them how happy you are, refer potential clients to them.  I make it a point to tell my friends and co-workers.  Sylvia has tailored my suits, my blazers, sport coats, dress shirts, etc.  The pants on my Nicole Miller suit had to be hemmed.  I bought the wrong length because my mind was locked on denim length.  She didn’t charge me for the hem.  It was a token of appreciation for my business and one I was thankful for.  So, what are you waiting for?  Go find that tailor who will assist you achieve your style!  Jal ga!