Freedom Is A Road . . .

seldom traveled by the multitudes. –Frederick Douglass

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches here in the States, I would like the reader to know I do not appreciate politics at any level.  While the introductory quote may come into question, the point I will centralize my efforts on is the word freedom. While researching, digesting then applying what you have learned into the creation of your own style, in the beginning there has to be structure. The structure helps one and through repetition, have a solid foundation. Or as Allen Iverson said many years ago, “we talkin’ about practice!” 

When you become comfortable, this is the time for honest expression of one’s self. To truly indulge life and love, one must be free.  Dressing well is your book cover.  The story inside must match the what the book cover offers.  Freedom, in what you wear and how you wear it.  Taking a timeless piece of clothing and adding something a bit avant-garde whether it be rolling the sleeves up slightly on your navy blazer or wearing colors that pop.  It is something you embrace and wear flawlessly without constraints of negativity.  Freedom.  Think of those traditionalists who adhere strictly to the standard and are afraid to steer themselves in another direction.  It has zero to eliminating the standbys, for these are proven, to go Pitti Uomo.  It has to do with striking a balance in what you wear and how you wear it.  Freedom.  Everyone wants change but how many are willing to change?  Change is a simple process but difficult for many to execute.  To change you have to free yourself of whatever that disrupts your flow.  If one is wearing a suit with a standard white pocket square, would it hurt to change it out for something non-traditional but vibrant?  Freedom to work your personality into how you dress.  At the opposite end of the spectrum, what if you are content with how you dress?  Wearing the same things could be looked at by the other side as blasé blah.  Are you truly content if you are not expanding your boundaries, studying and experimenting style-wise?   Are you free if follow the standard to the letter without exploring improvisation?  Be the jazz saxophonist who breaks protocol and incorporates trills into his or her first solo!  Learn how to adopt as well as adapt.  Or a better way to make my point is something Bruce Lee once said, “Absorb what is useful, discard what is useless and add what is specifically your own.”

We, sometimes get caught in a cycle, a routine.  I am not stating it is bad.  As mentioned earlier, structure is important. But as an individual with a solid foundation, you have to separate yourself from the crowd.  Free yourself and expand your style endlessly!  Until next time, jal ga! 


*Featured picture: Waistcoat by Perry Ellis, shirt by Paul Smith, tie by Daniel De Fasson, pocket square by Santostephano, pants by Dockers, watch by Movado

*Supplemental picture: Jacket by Merona, shirt by Alfani, pocket square by The SquarExtraordinaire, pants by Dockers, shoes by Sebago, watch by Stuhrling Original, sunglasses by Nautica 

If You Make A Mistake . . .

Do not be afraid to correct it. -Confucius

I read a variety of subjects quite regularly.  I mostly indulge Eastern philosophy.  The above quote resonated with me and I reason it should with the reader as you decide which direction you are going in creating your own style.

For decades, I have always attempted to dress well and dress age-compliant.  I’ve seen & have partook in some trends.  I recall the late 80s and early 90s when over sized polka dot shirts, Mandarin collar dress shirts, baggy dress pants, Georgio Brutini shoes, designer jeans as well as track suits were in play.  But in the end, I have always had to ask myself, “will this work for me?”

Whether you’ve been out of the game for a while, are looking to improve your appearance or just starting out, you will make mistakes.  Whether it is sizing down when you should have not, purchasing skinny jeans when you have no business wearing them or ordering clothes from the UK or Asia and not taking into consideration their sizing charts, the list goes on.  This isn’t a shit happens moment. Most mistakes can be avoided and be kept to a minimum.  As I stressed in an earlier writing, research!  With the technological advances bestowed upon us, there is no excuse for not doing a thorough sweep on-line for recommendations, reviews, comparisons, forum boards, etc.  Even though the world wide web has provided us with such shopping delicacies, visiting brick and mortars is still relevant.  When shopping in person, think of it as forging an interpersonal relationship with a well qualified salesperson juxtaposed to having an on-line relationship with a website customer service rep.  We, sometimes overanalyze.  If we do this, we miss some things that never required so much thought.  Think bout it.  Jal ga!

*Featured picture: Jacket by Mossimo, shirt by Tommy Hilfiger, pocket square by The SquarExtraordinaire, pants by Banana Republic, socks by Van Heusen, watch by Invicta

*Supplemental picture: Jacket by Merona, shirt by Geoffrey Beene, pocket square by Feather And Smith, jeans by Levis, socks by Perry Ellis, shoes by Allen Edmonds, watch by Stuhrling Original