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You Can Tell A Lot About . . .

A person from his underwear. –Rachel Bilson

I don’t know if underwear is a taboo subject for those among us who are prudes. Quite frankly I couldn’t care less. Most of us wear them. All styles colloquially speaking from banana hammocks to butt floss. For the ones who go commando, I would find it inexcusable to hit a Taco Tuesday without some kind of . . . ahem . . . filter. But that’s an entirely different subject I have zero interest touching upon.

First and foremost, fit, fabric and function not only applies to what you wear for all to see. It also applies to what no one will see. Unless of course if it’s for someone special or it’s an underwear advertisement. Secondly let’s face it, most guys have no clue about underwear. Some of you are still wearing those gawd awful Fruit Of The Looms you wore after mommy made you ditch the Pampers. Some of you are wearing boxers which run up your leg and bunch up as if you have your board-shorts on underneath. And some of you, you hold on to them as if they were going to be some valuable heirloom complete with holes and . . . never mind. According to a poll conducted by GQ in late 2016, women overwhelmingly (was it really overwhelming?) chose the boxer brief at a 64.5% clip. Yeah, no tighty whities or banana hammocks braddah!

Underwear model
AIRism boxer brief

While there are plenty of companies who produce boxer briefs, I place my PB&H chop of approval on the AIRism Collection by Uniqlo . To put it in the most simplest way possible how good these are, I bought four pairs, then an additional 6. I ditched my old ones which were fairly new. The AIRism line has a standard boxer brief and what I call the magnum opus (pun intended), a mesh boxer brief. Both are made with the up-to-date technology the Japanese maker likes to use in their clothing line. There are other well known brands but you cannot beat the quality or the price for these boxer briefs ($9.90/2 for $7.90 each).

If it is possible to go commando without going commando, these boxer briefs make it happen. In my opinion, these are the most comfortable pair of underwear I have ever worn. How shameful. It took almost 50 years for me to find a pair of underwear that I fancy but I digress. The only issue I have with them and this is barely noticeable compared to what I used to wear, is the brief riding up my legs. Underwear that bunches up has the tendency to print around the upper quad. These don’t print and I’m not the proud owner of flamingo legs.

Because of the Dry technology, Cool Touch, self-deodorization, anti-microbial, and anti-odor features these boxer briefs provide, you won’t have to slam pounds of baby powder between your legs in anticipation of the dreaded swamp ass while sipping a bottle of wine with some 아름다운 소녀 at the vineyard this summer.

So do yourself a favor, invest in a pair and make your own decision. For a small investment, you have much to gain. And that’s what most people will enjoy, a huge return on a small investment. Plus, if you’re wearing tighty whities, she will most certainly be able to tell a lot about you! Until next time, jal ga!

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